Service VAUN

Need help with Elise, Freya or Egon? Just call the VAUN Customer Service Hotline:
03464 90190
Or send an email to: senden Please have the serial number of your beloved bike on hand, or include it in your communication.
Find the VAUN distributor in your area.
Feuer & Flamme GmbH Am Redder 1 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg
bunny hop Berliner Platz 1 31785 Hameln
Fahrrad Schlieker e.K. Höxterstraße 26 32676 Lügde
Bertis Bike Center Werner Eckert Ring 2 49661 Cloppenburg
Fahrrad Topshop Dennerstraße 62 70372 Stuttgart
bluemove-mobility GmbH Erika-Mann-Straße 2 80636 München 089 215 55 60 70
bluemove-mobility GmbH Marsstraße 74 80335 München 089 215 55 60 70
We guarantee the aluminium of all frames and rigid forks for 5 years from date of sale. For all other components, a two-year guarantee and the supplier’s guarantee conditions apply. You’ll receive the exact guarantee conditions on purchase of a complete VAUN bicycle. All bicycles must comply with the road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO) in order to be used on public roads. Since we don’t know how you intend to use your bike, and we don’t want to forestall your own personal customisation requests, the standard equipment of some models does not meet the requirements for use on public roads. Along with your new VAUN bike, you’ll receive complete instructions for use as well as care and maintenance instructions. We recommend that you read these instructions thoroughly before using your bike, and ask your specialist VAUN distributor to explain the essential functions. No matter what, be sure to carry out the basic function test described in the instructions before every ride. In case of doubt, ask your specialist distributor for help!